My Mail Exchange Has Been Blacklisted!

Woke up this morning to check email, and found some annoying bounced mail.

  <>: host[]
      said: 591 No mail will be accepted. Your host is in a Black List. Please
      see <>

Here is another one.

  <>: host[] said: 554 Service
      unavailable; [] blocked using

Aarrgghh!! My mail server has been black-listed by! No! I am innocent! I am using up-to-dated Postfix and not the insecure Sendmail as my MTA. I am pretty sure that it has been configured to disallow open relay. But why is it black-listed by! Currently website is off-line at the moment, and I cannot verify the reason why it black-listed my mail server, while the other RBL services say that my IP address is okay...

If your ISP is employing as RBL, then don't be surprised that you are not getting my emails, or emails from the FOCUS mailing lists.

Updated 9:46am. By some googling, from this forum article I found osirusoft might have some network problem associated with DoS attacks. I have not been using osirusoft since the beginning of this year, as I found it reported quite a lot of false positives. Now I am just hoping other ISP's can also drop them from their RBL provider list.

Updated 10:02am. More information on Google Groups. Here is the TXT:

  $ host -t txt text "Please stop using"

They are now all over the and news groups.

Updated 13:34pm. Slashdot is currently running the story - Osirusoft Blacklists The World.