It is the last Monday of August

So, what makes the last Monday of August special? Nothing. I just need a title to talk about the weekend, that's all.

This weekend was not too busy after all, so on the way driving to work this morning I felt quite relaxed. However the heavy wind yesterday has left the Eastern suburbs in a state of mess. From the window at work, I can see the trunk of a big tree in our neighbour's premise collapsed near the root.

Unlike Tim and Thomas, I did not get a blackout last night, so my server has kept pumping out data after 246 days of uptime so far, instead of rebooting due to lack of electricity. The wind last night was a bit of scary, and I could hear the ambulance driving in and out from the Prince Wales hospital throughout the night. For a while I hope it is the sign that Christ is coming, so I don't have to prepare for my Friday night evangelistic talk. But I woke up this morning, having to face the Monday, and realised that it was just a temporary judgement from God. Still waiting for the real thing...

Vivian has this strange neck pain since Friday, and she has took Friday and today off from work. She could not move her head freely as it produces enormous pain on her shoulder and neck. She went to see the physio on Friday, but it did not really solve the problem. She is going to see a better one at uni today, and hopefully he can get Vivian back in shape.

There were other suggestions from our friends. Chinese massage and acupuncture were suggested, and someone from MBF has recommended us to see this particular Chinese massager in China Town. So instead of having lunch with the fellowship after the Bible study, we quickly drove to the city on Sunday afternoon to find whether this person can help. However when we went to the shop and asked for that person, the shop keeper felt quite shocked and quickly denied his existence. She said that the Chinese massager has not worked there for at least 3 years. Later on we found that this dodgy massager has lost the lot in gambling, and borrowed money from his customers. I think the shop keep was a bit shocked as she thought we were his previous customers coming to collect debts...

So we ended up driving back home without achieving anything.