FRQ - Aussie English, Py vs Rb, Bindows, Yahoo! RSS, etc

Another Friday. I am going to give a talk at Mandarin Bible Fellowship tonight on "Does all religions lead to the same God?", and tomorrow I will be heading down to SCEA training day. Busy busy weekend. Anyway, here's this week's pile of junk resulted from too much surfing.


There is an interesting article on Soph's Online Journal - on her interview with Dorothy McMahon, especially her wrapped view of who God really is. She might be a nice person, but just like other so-called "nice" person of other religious believes, we all have fall short of God's glory. Without acknowledging who God truly is, repent and ask for mercy, people shape the concept of 'god' to whatever they want him to be.


Hmm. Not programming language but the spoken language. Do you know the difference between Australian English and New Zealand English?


Interesting blog entry on Python vs. Ruby. I have seen enough of Python vs. Java from the previous weeks, but I think Py vs. Rb would be more interesting as they are both scripting languages targeting the same group of users. As a Python user I don't think I have the urge to learn Ruby, but the same can be said by an experienced Ruby user.

And from Nelson's weblog, he mentioned that Python is a good alternative to VisualBASIC on the Win32 system. With a combination of wxWindow, pyGame and win32all, you have all you need to build Windows GUI applications. However, I think Python needs a really nice form builder and development interface in order to compete against VB, as that's what the people really use VB for. Tools like BlackAdder might help to bridge the gap, but (1) it costs (2) still no comparison with the MS VisualStudio development environment.

Finally, there is an interesting test on the net, asking you to distinguish between computer programmers and murders. It slides you though different photos, and you need to identify whether this person is a programmer or a murder. I only scored 5/10, and got this comment:

Not bad, but it might be best to avoid a career in either law enforcement or IT recruitment.

Maybe that is true...


  • Do you think Internet Explorer is only capable of surfing the web? The guys who did WebFX has come out with a new package - Bindows. Here's the description:

    Bindows is a Graphical User Interface Toolkit for writing rich client side web applications with the look, feel and behavior of modern Windows applications. Bindows applications are lightweight applications with zero footprint which means no installation required.

    Make sure you go and try out some samples, and it is simply awesome. Currently there is no Mozilla port, so you have to use IE to load it. It has indeed pushed the Internet Explorer to its limit, but I was wondering whether that was intended use of IE?!

  • On a not-related story, I've also just realised that someone has very similar style sheet as my playground (at least at the time of writing, 23 Aug 2003). By looking at his CSS file, it looks very similar to mine. Hmm... That's okay. I guess these days we all learn from each other on the Internet.

  • Still haven't got a RSS aggregator? I don't know how people survive Internet these days without a news aggregator. Haiko Hebig has quite a comprehensive page on RSS aggregators on different operating systems, which provide quite a lot of information. (Did I post about it before? I can't remember now...)

    Unfortunately it did not list my favourite aggregator - FeedDemon, which has just released it's latest beta. I think I might have to purchase it when it is finally released because it has been so good.


Yahoo! has just added a RSS section to their news site. This is very cool, and I immediately add some into my FeedDemon list. Cool. More news to read...