FRQ - Aussie Bible, MSN Messenger, OO.o1.1RC3, etc

Oops. It is 8 minutes pass 5 already. Gotta run for Earnest's birthday dinner at Kensington Pekin Restaurant. Here's a list of interesting links I've collected through out the week. Bye all!


There is a very good article on Jedi's BLOG - 劃地自限 (yes, this article is in Chinese). "Jedi" talks about his thoughts on the whole idea of "blogging", and what he sees as his responsibility on marketing it so more people can participate. He does have a heart for the Chinese bloggers.


Does that mean Dr. Peter Jensen has approved the Aussie Bible? I cannot imagine New Testament characters walking around the Jerusalem yelling out "G'day mate" to each other. But I think it ought to be an interesting book to read, besides the Bible for Dummies book.

Instant Messenger

I am currently connected to the MSN Messenger network using Jabber. Even though its MSN transport has not been worked on for the last 2 years, but it was still working fine - but not for a while. Yesterday I received at least 10 emails from MSN, telling me to "upgrade" to the latest version of MSN Messenger. From this InfoWorld article, Microsoft has decided to drop the support for older MSN protocols, because of some security issue. I am getting more and more contacts on MSN now, but I don't think I want to install Messenger to keep contact with them...


Java programmers are standing up boycutting Python!! This article says, "Any developer coding in Python is a traitor to his IT brothers", because by using something that can make you 5-10 times more productive, you are making your IT colleagues redundant!

IT Security

Is the anti-W32.Blaster.Worm a good worm or a bad worm? Well, it uses the same RPC exploits to download the patch from the Microsoft site, but then it tries to crawl onto other boxes to perform the same, until it removes itself in early 2003, according to this Wired news article. From the signature inside this new worm, it sounds like from China. Hm...


  • 1.1RC3 has been released. I hope it is the last RC. I have been using 1.1 since the beta 1 days, and it has huge improvement over 1.0. Who needs Microsoft Office when he can do everything for free?