Another Weekend Summary

Weekend is over. This gotta be the weekend that I slept the most for the year 2003 so far, and I am pretty sure that I won't sleep more than I had for the rest of the year.

Friday night11:45pm.
Saturday morning6:15am.
Saturday night9:30pm!!!
Sunday morning6:00am.
Sunday night11:30pm.
Monday morning6:20am.

The reason for my "extended sleeping hour" was because of the paint ball game we had on Saturday with the other fellowships from FOCUS. When I woke up this morning I still felt the muscle ache all over the place. I reckon it does not really hurt when you were hit by the paint ball, but I know that the ache is going to stay for another week... :(

FOCUS Paint Ball 2003As of the game on Saturday, it was "okay". We went to Paintball Pete at Mt. White, and played 3 of the fields there. First of all, I think the fields were a bit "flat", and it ends up just two teams charging towards each other. And we do have too many people this time - around 30 people on each team. At the end sometimes you need to hide three or four people behind one barrier - it felt quite crowded. Last time (well, long long time ago) when we played with Mun and Johnson somewhere near Blue Mountains, it has pretty good fields with small hills and large trees, and we only had around 12-13 players on each team.

We played the inter-fellowship games - ESF vs. Pelita+MBF, with around 30 people on each side. ESF the Singaporeans and Malaysians easily defeated the Chinese and Indonesians combo from Pelita and MBF. At the end we figured out why the "terrorists" lost to the "government troops". First of all, they have no strategy and no training - many ESF guys from Singapore have done the national services. Secondly, they have no money to buy enough ammo. Quite a few ESF guys are firing like crazy - at maximum 22 cents AUD a shot. That's why I don't really like paintballs with semi-automatic weapons, because it puts people who can't afford or don't want to buy into great disadvantages...

At the end I do enjoy the game, but I don't think I'll be having another game for a while...

Sunday sermon this week is on Ecclesiastes 3, where the Preacher continued his meaningless talks on the meaninglessness of the life under the sun. This time, it is more than that there is no meaning in life. In fact, God has planted eternity in our hearts so that in our consciousness, we know that there must be a meaning in this creation. However, God has deliberately frustrated us by not telling us this meaning, so we are still stuck in this maze, knowing there must be a design, but unable to comprehend. Might as well enjoy this life, says the Preacher...

Well. I think the Ecclesiastes series is getting people to do a lot of thinking. I am looking forward to the light at the end of this dark long tunnel.

John 14 was the passage for the Bible studies on Sunday, and it is not an easy passage to do. There's trinity, especially on the introduction of Holy Spirit. There's exclusivism in salvation (John 14:16). There's difficult passages on Jesus' promise (John 14:12-16). I actually quite enjoyed it after I've gained more understanding, especially when Context Is Your Friend (CIYF).

Our Bible study group has always been a worry. Including Vivian and I myself, there were 6 people there yesterday, and most others are new Christians. Well. Maybe "not so new" for some of them, but "young in maturity" is probably a better description. Either the gospel of John was simply too difficult for them, or they just did not have the motivation to know God's word, recently leading the group has been much more frustrating than analysing the text. According to Uncle Col's Growth Group, our Bible study group is probably heading for destruction... There must be something wrong with our methodology, but I have not had an opportunity to sit down and analyse the problem...

And again it is Monday. Always full of work. One of the router boxes in Melbourne crashed during the weekend, and I've spent the whole morning trying to figure out what was wrong with our VPN configuration... And I was supposed to be a software developer not a network engineer! Another hectic week on the way...