Yahoo! Went Shopping Again

It seems that Yahoo! does not just go shopping during Christmas. This time, Yahoo! is planning to buy Overture for 1.63 billion dollars. Overture is one of the leading PPC (Pay Per Click) search engine that provide services to other search engines, and it seems Yahoo! is really working out a solution to combat its main rivals like Google and MSN. Here's some of Overture's answers to this take over. It is really a huge news in the SEO arena, and the messy search engine market has been somewhat consolidated by mergers and acquisitions. Yahoo! now has its own directory sites, Overture, Inktomi, Altavista and FAST/AllTheWeb. Wow. You'll see more discussion on Slashdot and Webmaster World.

It probably won't affect me much. As a PPC service provider, Overture's customers are really those for-profit websites who are willing to pay to gain good ranking in the search result page. As for my non-profit or hobby site like this or that, I don't expect my sites to turn up when people keyed in a product phrase in the search engine (actually, last night someone located my site using search phrase "2003 EMAIL ADDRESS OF RICE COMPANY IN TAIWAN" through Yahoo. Weird). Even though I did subscribe one site to Google AdWords, but it really reaps little success...

But it is just interesting to see how the big search engines come and go, or merge with one another. Search engines are probably one of the most important piece in the messed-up world of web, and very often they are the one with the overall picture of market flow on the Internet. Not only they know what is hot and what is not, they also have the power to manipulate the market. Currently it seems Google has a bit chunk of market share, but who knows what will happen in another 2 years. Yahoo! was big when it first came out (and when the web was still relatively small), but I don't know anyone who is still using its directory service.

We'll see.