This is the Weekend Before MYC

Well. We are actually heading down to the pre-MYC later today, right after the Bible study with MBF. We will get there hopefully before afternoon tea time, and some of us will start preparing the "official welcoming start" of MYC 2003.

The weekend has been kind of busy. Well, it is about the Saturday as Sunday has not yet really started. Vivian and I have been preparing the MYC material for the whole night - seminars, "pre-destination" electives, 1 Corinthians bible studies, some phone calling/administration stuff. Well, we have not packed our bags, but I have full confidence that Vivian will be working on that a bit later. Meanwhile, I am reading some material on the Bible study we are going to lead later with MBF, on Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6. Preparation today has been quite helpful, and looking through the issues again has helped me to work out some logic to explain certain ideas. With the pre-destination electives, Vivian and I are responsible for the Hebrews 6 passages. I think at least for myself, I am quite comfortable with my understanding on these verses, but I am not sure whether everyone will agree. The whole key exhortation of Hebrews is really on perseverance and fixing eyes on Jesus. Those who received grace do fall away, but should we say that the grace they have received is not the "full grace"? I shall share a bit more on my understanding after the MYC.

Just woke up on Sunday morning, and Vivian has already packed everything... let me continue blogging...

The highlight so far is probably the house warming at Eric and Christina's house. Eric has gong through university with me, and we had some fun projects together, and he was married to Christina last year. Well. Last October was probably the last time we caught up, and probably the last time I caught up with the rest of buddies during my uni days. I am such a bad person catching up with old friends... The highlight of the house warming was really the chance to check out not just Eric and Christina, but also some of my other ex-couse mates.

We arrived early while Christina was still preparing food. I should have took a picture of the food prepared, and it is simply amazing - at the end I doubt that we have finished half of it. Eric has then showed me what he has been working on for the past few months - his new home. He basically installed all the kitchen, the wooden floor, and lots of stuff in the house. It is a 3 bedroom free standing at north shore, and it has a "huge" backyard with lots of different trees. It is in a quite neighbourhood, with again lots of trees - something that is rare in the Eastern suburbs. Eric has to be very busy man at home...

The rest of "house warmers" came subsequently, and we had good meals together (thanks Christina!) while chatting about what has been happening recently. Beside Luke, who I saw at least once a week at work, I have not seen the rest of them for more than half a year, as I basically turned down all the social invitations. But when Eric invited Vivian and I a few months ago about this house warming, I felt that I need to make up the times that I have missed. But it was a good time catching up with each other.

So, Luke and Cristen are still doing their PhD with Gernot at CSE, and they have a review on the up-coming Tuesday. They seem to be quite stressed about it. Vicky is still hanging there, and this time she brought her parents to Eric's. Everyone seems to know her parents except me, as I have always turned down the invitation to her birthday parties over the years, because it is always during the Easter weekend. Chris is still with BT, and with Doug who is with BT as well, were chatting with Vivian about the strange things in the company, as BT has just been acquired by Westpac.

Mark and his brother Justine have not changed much. They are fellow Taiwanese, and Mark has going through uni with me. Mark is still such a faithful Christian, and I still remembered the days when I tried to practise my Personal Fellow Up course with Mark. Well, that was back in '96. There were a lot of stories about Mark, but he has been faithful to God all along. On the way home I talked to Vivian questioning whether Mark has a girl friend or not. Maybe he has, but we are just so remote from them to know all the latest gossips. But I was joking to Vivian that we do know quite a few Christian ladies at church who would be keen to meet other godly and faithful Mandarin speaking Christian man. Nah. :) With Justine, the older brother of Mark, still remains a non-Christians. Somehow the idea of evolution was brought up in the discussion, and Justine showed how excited he has learnt about the evolution. Being a medical doctor himself, I felt disadvantaged arguing against him. I am a creationist, as I believed that God has made the world with a purpose. But I don't really have problems with evolutions either, as I believed God can use whatever method he wishes. I only have problem with people taking evolution as a proven fact, and then use it to disprove the existence of God. Our conversation did not really conclude, but Justine has shown that the reason he believed in evolution is that it is a better alternative than other explanations, i.e. religion...

And Jenny is still the same. She just came back from NZ on Friday night, as she has been working there with Alcatel for a few months already. She still likes to travel, and told me that she is trying to get the company to sent her to other exotic places. Didn't she just came back from Spain last year? Everytime I met her, it reminds me the sovereignty of God, and how He worked in everyone according to his "plan". That would be a long story and I'm not sure whether I'll share it here. But one thing I did not ask her yesterday was about her own Christian walk. I should have.

After the meal, the guys went to kick some balls at the park nearby. From the soccer game I can really see that who has been sitting in front of computers whole day - me!

We came back home at around 5:30pm, and it was great to catch up with them. There are some people who did not turn up today. Gary, James, the newly-wed Michael and Dorothy, ... Maybe next time.

Okay. Gotta wake Vivian up now. We still have quite a lot of things to do today - picking up people's luggage, going to church, leading a Bible study, and then heading down to MYC. I won't be blogging in MYC, but I will bring both the iBook and my trusty Psion 5mx, and I will record down all the interesting things. See you all again in 5 days.