Re-categorising Playground

I have been writing quite "diversely" in this journal recently. Well, being diverse is actually not the correct description for my kind of writing style. Instead, this journal has been "theme-less", as I basically combined all my writings into one single pipe of output. I guess my description of this blog summaries it well. "Faith, Technology and Randomness in Life, According to Scott."

First of all, I would like to write a bit about technology, simply because of my love for it. Calling me a geek?! Well, whatever. I have a relatively low Slashdot user ID, at around mid-5000'ish. I am listed on blogs4God's techBlogs. I would like to write more on software development/architecture/design side of stuff, as well as Python programming language, and Linux, and Mac, and development, and ...

Sometimes I like to write about my Christian faith. As a Christian in this world, your faith has been constantly challenged. Not just theologically, but also the way you live your life. And as I spent more time with the Mandarin ministry on the UNSW campus, sometimes I am also challenged with how we should be partners in the gospel - in the ministry where the name of Jesus is proclaimed. I want to record down the things I have learnt, and the things that have challenged me in my own Christian growth.

And every now and then I would like to write a bit of non-sense concerning every bits of randomness in life. What have I done and where have I been to. What I think about this movie. What I feel about certain things. What struggles do I have. What was stuck in my mind... "Thinking" to me has been one of the most enjoyable entertainment, and here in this journal I would like to register all the up and downs.

What I am afraid now, is that whether this complicated personality is going to hinder its "readers". Who is actually reading this blog anyway, may I ask? Why are you here, and what are you trying to find? Will you get annoyed by irrelevant or unexpected entries? Will you write an email and complain to its author because of its irregularity?

I am looking for a simple, workable solution that will not take a lot of time and big budget to implement...

As you might have noticed, that I have slightly adjusted my categories. MovableType supports only one flat category list, instead of having a hierarchical category system (unlike Blosxom). Therefore I have to name the categories in the way that it is easy to identify whether they belongs to Technology, Christian Faith and Daily Randomness. I am struggling whether I should move to 3 separate blogs instead, but then that will be more management effort, and it does not work well in rare occasions that a post might be cross-category.

I'll keep this way for now, until the blog becomes too much a mess. Quick 'n dirty hacks have never been my favourite. Whatever. Meanwhile, I shall not stop writing.