Just Installed the Camino Nightly

Tried to start Camino tonight as a site refuses to open with Safari v85. However, my installation of Camino 0.7 somehow refused to start. My knowledge of Mac OS X is so limited and I have no idea when a dialog box poped up saying the application has closed unexpectly. Well, I don't see any core file lying around so I can debug the program, and there is nothing in the crash log either. Tried to fix the permission, but it does not seem to help...

So I went and downloaded the current nightly build from Camino's website, hoping that it will work. Downloaded the 7+Mb of .dmg.gz file using Safari, and StuffIt! automatically fired up, unpacked the disk image, mount it, and then Finder automatically display the content. Drag the old non-functional Camino from /Applications to the bin, and then drag the new one to the Applications folder. Done. Installing software on a Mac is too easy.

When I fire up the nightly build of Camino, it does not really feel that different at the first glance. The "About" dialog box still says 0.7, and the look and feel is exactly the same.

However, the Bookmarks management has been revamped, and it is now very similar to Safari's. Instead of having a side panel popping out, it changes the main view into a two pane bookmark management system - just like how Safari did it! You can also add a Google Search input field next to the location bar now - just like Safari! Well. Seems the Open Source developers have learnt a lot in the field of human computer interactive from Apple's research team.

But there are other goodies. Camino now has the incremental search as in Mozilla 1.4 - just press '/' and then start typing the text you would like to search for! This is just so good because I spent a lot of time searching through long reference HTML's.

Okay. For now, Camino nightly is my default browser on the iBook. As of HTML rendering, Gecko still rocks.