In Bruce We Trust? Maybe Not

Vivian and I just came back from the Ritz, after watching the movie Bruce Almighty by Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman. We have indeed enjoyed the movie very much.

Some people from church has talked about how God has been offensively mis-presented in the film, and that it is not suitable for Christians to go and watch this movie. Bruce Almighty Well. As a Hollywood movie, it might not give us the whole picture of a Christian God, and Jim Carrey did have some of his crude jokes every now. However, we did not go to the cinema expecting an evangelistic movie, or a movie that is produced to purposely testify God or Jesus. At the same time, I found the idea of "God" has been presented with some christianised values. Behind all the jokes and laughters, American's generalised view of God is actually strongly influenced by the Bible. Here's some of the points I found:

  • God is a masculine personal divine being. He created the heaven and earth, has great power, but is not part of this creation. It is certainly different from the new age religion where the mother nature is worshiped.
  • God listens to prayers, and he is involved with our lives everyday. He is not the deism clock-maker God that rarely played a part in this world. At the same time, it does not mean that God will answer all prayers, especially those who do not know what they are asking for.
  • God gives free will to man, as he allows man to choose freely. He did not make a bunch of robots that can only listen to his commands. At the same time, everyone is responsible for his/her decisions.

Well. Even though they tried to capture the essence of God in flesh (Freeman in this case), I'll say that the actors have done a good job. It has to be my favourite Carrey film, and I found it even better than The Truman Show.

There are some negative points on the film, like the idea of Jesus/repentance/judgement have not been presented, or the focus on people with their own effort making their own miracles, etc. But again, it is a Hollywood film and not a Christian evangelistic film. Thus I won't put further critic on that.

It is a film that you can bring your friends to watch, and then have some deep and meaningful conversation afterwards (hopefully lead to a gospel conversation). Highly recommended.

Updated at 14 July 2003 11:30am: Apparently Thomas from Pelita also went and watched the movie, one day afterwards, and also posted his comments on his blog.