Guarding Angel at MYC

Some girls from MBF came tonight to our place, and together with Vivian we discussed what we can do to help and encourage the others in the up coming Mid Year Conference. We wanted a "game" that can be played thoughout the week, and then someone thought of the game of "guarding angel". Basically, at the time of registration on the first day of MYC, you will be randomly assigned a person whom you need to "take care" of for the 5 days you are in the camp, and you are supposed to keep it secretive, i.e. the one you are helping is not supposed to find out you are his/her guarding angel. These are just some of the things a guarding angel can do - writing encouraging words on a card, bringing breakfast, getting good seats for the talks, etc. And the really fun bit is, everyone will be guessing who is your guarding angel throughout the week. I think it is a good idea - not only the way people play can be very interesting, but also it bonds people together as everyone is forced to participate.

We actually played the game of guarding angel in FOCUS before. I remembered it was in 1999 I think - the first year we had our house party in Otford. I remembered that it was an idea of David Lim and Lucy Gajus, who were MTS back then. The scale was bigger - the whole FOCUS was playing instead of just MBF, even through FOCUS was not that big back then. I still remembered whom I was "guarding", and it was Marcus from Pelita (it wasn't called Pelita then). However, I still do not know who was supposed to take care of me, as my guarding angel was a bit "slack" throughout the camp. Anyway, it was fun. Not just about yourself playing, but also speculating who was guarding whom, especially when it was an opposite sex. Well, that was when I was still young...

The game did raise quite a bit of stir. Some people loved it, but some people disliked it. It has never been played again in FOCUS church camp as the idea of "guarding angel" was potrayed as something "unbiblical", i.e. each individual does not really have one such angel in heaven guarding us. But after all, I think it is just a game, and some people might have taken it too seriously. It is just that whoever is running it (yes, that's you CL and PP) needs to be careful about the wording, so it does not sound like we are practising false doctrines. Instead, it is a game to encourage each other to take care, edify and encourage someone else in the fellowship. Moreover, you are not limited to just helping out the person you are guarding, but you should always have a heart to serve everybody.

I am looking forward to it. MYC should be fun this year.

Just a off-topic notes appended to the end of this blog entry, because I don't want to make a separate entry on it.

Quite a lot of girls in the fellowship are asking for "godly man". It is probably their desire to get married, but in MBF the ratio of guys vs. girls is quite disproportional. And somehow Vivian usually needs to do consultation. People's problem is - they are seeking "godly man" and there ain't any around that is available and also interested. However, I am interested to know about this definition of "godly man". When someone whined that she cannot find a "godly man", does it usually mean that she cannot find someone who believe in God and obey his words, and has the look of Brad Pitt, and has the faith of Paul, and has the intellect of mind of ... and has the humour of ... :) Is that your definition of "godly man" you are seeking? Or are you really just substituting the word "godly" with something you desire instead?

Might need to solve more BGR problem during MYC. Well...