Getting Hectic

Life has been hectic recently.

Because 2 of the developers will take leave to go to the Mid Year Conference next week, work has been busy. Very busy. I guess it is not really because of people taking "holidays", but we have been getting busier and busier since the beginning of the year, after the acquisition took place. It is a good thing that more people are interested in our software, but at the same time I do miss the relaxed Maroubra days, where we don't have anxious clients calling up requesting this and demanding that.

And I happened to be one of the developers who are taking "holidays" to go to MYC. I will be leading two of the seminars this year, and we have been preparing for it over the last couple of nights. This year's seminar feels more "unprepared" and therefore becomes more "difficult" than last year's. If you are just talking about the theology behind the topics, last year's MYC on Resurrection is quite heavy, and you do need some logical thinking to understand all the implications. However, this year on Guidance might not be as theological challenging, but equivalently difficult due to the way the seminar questions and discussions are structured. It has more "classic MYC" style, i.e. full of references that you really need to be a fast Bible flipper. We'll see.

Last night I picked up Phillip Jensen and Tony Payne's guidance book, tried to do some last minute reading in preparation for MYC. I thought I could finish the book in two hours, as I've read it previously (in '98 though). It's a small book with big fonts and large line spacing. I started at 11:30pm last night, and woke up this morning half way through... Way too tired last night. I have to finish it tonight + some relevant bits in JI Packer's Knowing God. Gotta read more.

And tomorrow, Friday, we'll have this evangelistic meeting for the Mandarin Bible Fellowship. Scott from CPC will be coming to do a talk on Trinity and eternal life, and that will be interesting. There is UNSW foundation enrollment going on at the moment, and hopefully we will attract some students from CN and TW... Vivian insists that there will be some form of "welcome dinner" for tomorrow's evangelistic meeting, but since everyone is too busy so we end up having to buy pizza and KFC. Not sure what sort of response would we get from "just landed" overseas students when they see stacks of pizza boxes...

There will be more preparation for MYC on Saturday, and Vivian and I will go north to my uni friend Eric and Christina's place for house warming. We have been turning down all the activities organised by our uni friends because we were too busy with work and church, but this time I promised Eric that we'll definitely be present... Looking forward to it.

Sunday. After church and Bible study, we will be heading north west to Merroo for the pre-MYC in the afternoon... and then whole week of Mid Year Conference!! Maybe not a holiday, but hopefully it is going to be enjoyable. It is going to be my eighth Mid Year Conference. I felt reluctant now when people asked me how many MYC have you been to, especially as I have never been a CBS staff worker... That really shows everyone my age.

That's it for tonight.