FRQ - Mac, Real Life MMRPG, OO.o1.1RC, MT as CMS, etc

Here is this week's Friday Random Quickies, Scott's junkyard weblog. First of all, I have to announce that there won't be a Friday Random Quickies next week. For the most of next week I will be away in MYC, i.e. there won't be any web surfing for me, therefore there won't be a weblog.


Karen blogged about her experience with Hillsong Conference that she attended last week. She has got interesting comments about Brian's sermon on that night. Sounds like Mr. Houston needs a class of New Testament 101.

Our the pope, hmm, I mean Joshua, who is pastoring FOCUS, was actually quoted by a fellow Singaporean Christian blogger. The whole of Proverbs is for Christians today to live godly lives.

Finally, there is an "interesting read" on evolutionism propaganda on Objective: Christian Ministries. According to the article, Apple MacIntosh is actually paganism! Wait. It is more than that - it is Satanism! It tricks its users to believe in Darwinism and think different from our Lord and Saviour. It is also heavily used by evolutionists, and the new Mac OS X even used an older, obsolete operating system that is symbolised as a daemon. Moreover, the latest Apple MacIntosh product, designed for the educational market, the eMacs, is dangerously similar to Emacs, the "standard-bearer for the Communistic Open Source movement"... EVIL!!!

I should have not got my iBook - now I am polluted with satanic messages!


I don't usually link to game reviews, but here's an exception. Real Life MMRPG Review from Gamespot is a great review on this on-line Massive Multi-player Role Playing Game. I have been playing this game for the last 26 years, and so far I am surviving. Which level are you up to?


Some of the things that I have downloaded during the week:

  • Fire 0.32. Since Vivian is now using my iBook most of the time, she wants to get an IM when she is on-line. Fire is a multi-protocol IM client, similar to Trillian on the Windoze.
  • GeoShell R4.11RC3. Another release candidate, but it is already heaps ahead of the old 4.10 I was using previously. Lots of bug fix, and quite a bit of enhancement as well. I don't miss the Start Button and Windows Explorer :)
  • 1.1RC. Yes. It is the release candidate, and soon 1.1 will become "official". Having used 1.1 since the 643 built, it is much better than 1.0 especially in the CJK support. Now I just hope it can be ported to Mac OS X quickly.

An update on OpenOffice.org1.1RC. After a few days of use, so far I have found some very serious problems. Even though it has fixed some bugs from beta2, it also introduced some new problems that some of my documents generated in 1.1beta2 no longer displays properly. Saving to MS Word has some problems with tables. I hope it is not going to be the final release...


Apparently Apple is trying to patent the fast user switching. The patent itself is titled 'Multiple personas for a mobile device', which is, hmm, very broad. Put isn't Windows XP already has user switching built in? Oh wait. Isn't su command available on un*x boxes for decades?

Scott on Writing is a new blog that I have been reading. In this blog, Scott Mitchell talked about technical writing. Not all programmers hate writing, and I particularly enjoy documenting the code I've written, as I am more of architect-rather-than-hacker kind of person. Interesting read.


Dean Peters on making MovableType a content management system contains quite a few interesting links on how to use MT as a CMS. I am actually struggling with MT at the moment, having troubles to implement what I wanted. However, I felt I am not competent enough in Perl to hack up what I wanted. Doh.

Looking for free hosting? Google's directory contains pretty good list of providers that might let you ride your home pages on their boxes+network for free. Some of them requires placement of banner ads, and some of them are just home grown linux boxes with dynamic IPs on cable modem...