BSAA Chasing After Software Pirates

I saw this from Felix's blog entry. Here's the quote:

Basically this organisation (Business Software Association of Australia) is set to combat software piracy in Australia, in its website you can report people/companies that are using pirated software and you can get paid up to $5000 for the information.

I went and dig up the web page. Quoting from the reward web page:

This letter sets out the terms and conditions for BSAA's payment of a reward for the information about a business entity using unlicensed software in Australia...

Yes. The $5,000 is only rewarded to those who report a business entity, and it probably does not apply to individual home users. It makes sense to BSAA as they probably can claim money back from a business entity as they usually requires multiple licenses. IT auditors usually don't chase after individuals because it is not "profitable" to them. At least that's what Vivian told me, who used to work for the evil empire Microsoft as license auditor...

At the same time, there are still forms on their website that welcome reporting home users using unauthorised software. However, without the incentive rewards, I doubt many people will turn up their friends, colleagues or course mates.

Pirating software/using un-authorised software is undeniably wrong, but it seems to be common place even amongst some of the Christian students that I work with. It is not just because they have South East Asia background - many Caucasian course mates also use pirated stuff when I did my engineering degree. I thought now days as an engineering student, it is so easy to obey the law yet not burn a hole on your wallet at the same time, because of the advancement of the open source software. But I saw people became a Christian, gave up their unbelieving boy friend/girl friend, gave up swearing, gave up their Sunday morning to go to church, yet still stuck with their pirated copy of Microsoft Office. Sigh.