What?! EveryDNS Got Hacked Again

EveryDNS, the free DNS provider that I have used for two of my domains, was under DDoS attack back in February this year. It took a few days to recover from the downtime, and many people who have hosted their domains on EveryDNS suffer as result. Unfortunately this seems to be happening again. This morning I found out the website on these domains does not resolve anymore. Quickly I logged onto EveryDNS, and found these messages on their website:

Sun Jun 8 9:30:00 CST 2003

Someone has hijacked the everydns host records from our registrar. We are working to get them switched back ASAP...

Instead of DDoS, some one hijacked the DNS record. At the time of writing this blog entry, DNS seems to be back on-line again - all I need is restart my own caching server so it can be re-fetched directly from the authority. However I am still feeling angry for events like this. At the same time, we found out Internet is so frigile. Downtime of such free DNS provider can bring down thousands of other domains and their emails. No wonder why root servers have to be highly secure and highly redundant.