Weekend Specials

It is less than 2 hours to go before it hits Monday. Well. Monday. Anyway, the weekend has been quite busy and fruitful I'll say. Woke up Saturday morning, helped a friend in church to deliver a study desk, and then we went to Ben and Faith's wedding at Pennant Hill. Well, that was a long drive for a Eastern suburb resident like me. The wedding went pretty well. Robin Gan was the one given the talk, and I believe it would be Joshua's 2nd wedding as the celebrant. The wedding continued with a receiption in a community hall close by. By the time we got back home, it was already around 4:30pm. Took a nap, and went to another church friend's place to teach some elementary C programming language. Got back home at 9:30pm. Read John together with V. And then went to sleep. And there was evening, and there was morning - it was Saturday.

Sunday morning has always been rush. Waking up on time, printing out the Bible studies, waking up V as well. Taking shower, making sure everything is packed. Cooking breakfast. Eatint the breakfast. Getting out of the door, and we still managed to be late at church. Should have skipped the breakfast... We were doing Psalm 1 in International Unichurch this morning, and Charles Gajus gave the talk and showed the insight on reading Psalm 1 with Jesus Christ fitting into the position of that righteous man. Charles' talk was very clear and challenging, but I felt the "biblical theology" way of fitting NT and OT together was a bit stretched. Comparing to Don Carson's talk last week on the same passage, I guess they have different emphasis. But one thing I am sure about - Joshua would have a serious talk with Charles after the service today, because Charles paid him out so much in his sermon. You know what I am talking about if you were there today :)

After the church we have our usual Bible studies on John 10, Jesus the gate, the good shepherd, etc. I thought John 10:28-29 will raise a lot of questions on the certainty of Christian salvation and Calvinist's idea on perseverance of the saints, but my group somehow did not respond that fast. Afterwards, lunch, then in the afternoon the MBF guys went to play basketball again with the UCC guys. I am feeling quite "okay" now, but I am sure when I wake up tomorrow I will have ache all over body just like last week.

Well. That's my weekend. I don't usually write about the weekends, but my brain is just too tired for any deep and meaningful blogs. A few minutes ago I've also changed the description of my blog to "Faith, Technology and Randomness in Life, According to Scott" to reflect what I have been writing so far. Currently I am still struggling to set out a theme to my site after 2 years of blogging. I want to talk about technology and programming, but they won't be my main focus. I want to share Christianty and the ministries that I am involving with, but neither is that the main theme. It is really a mix of 2, plus some random non-sense. Well. That's my blog.

Still got some work to do tonight. Better head off now...