The Power of A Wide Angle Computer Mirror

I saw this wonderful product by this little "international enterprises" company in Melbourne. Let's welcome the...

Imate Computer Mirror

According to their website, this little curved wide-angle monitor-mounting mirror has huge benefits. It is designed to help you, the overstressed computer worker, to overcome isolation in your cubicles. It helps you to have a view of your surroundings, so you don't get locked into the corner of a packed office. It has significant health benefits that helps you to eliminate "computer vision syndrome". More importantly, it even has "Feng Shui" benefit, that might creates "harmony" by balancing and enhancing the flow of energy in living encironments... This is truly innovative. And it can be yours for merely USD$22.95!

But I guess most us would buy it for some "alternative benefits". In fact you can get the same benefit by purchasing C.H.I.M.P. from ThinkGeek for only USD$9.95, and it probably fits much better on my notebook computer.

Hey, wait! Boss approaching. Gotta Alt-Tab back to my code-editing window now. :)