X11 for Mac OS X Has Gone Gold

Well. Just checked the web page, and it seems to happen during the weekend. goes Gold Master, from What has been released is the X11 1.0.3, i.e. it requires an X11 server running as it is not a native Aqua application. It is a huge 169.57Mb download which comes with the native installer. I much prefer the smaller tarball format. 1.0.3 RC2 tarball is only 88.67Mb, and it comes with full set up script so it can do a network install. I need the network install as on my iBook, is shared with both my wife and I, under different user accounts. I have no idea about how to do a network install with the Mac OS X native installer...

Vivian and I have been using the 1.0.3 RC2 for a while, and it is very usable. It looks much better than the 1.0.1 beta, as you get the anti-alias fonts in the documents. However, comparing with a native Cocoa app, there is still no match. Another problem I am having now is with the international input under X, especially Chinese, as I need it a lot for preparing Bible studies. Too bad that I cannot use Mac OS X's native input methods to type Chinese inside OOo for X11.

But still, congratulation to the OOo developers! I know they are heading down to WWDC for the week, and hopefully we will see a native Aqua version soon.