Obfuscate Email Address With Javascript Rot13

I know that it is not a new idea, but I woke up this morning thinking that I might be able to use some simple encryption algorithms to obfuscate email addresses on my website, so that it will not be easily recognisable by the spam bots. While there are quite a few sites on the Internet that detail complicated cryptography algorithms in Javascript, I put my bet on a simple one - rot13, and finger crossed that spam bots won't be able to execute Javascript.

A few minutes of hack creates a rot13.js Javascript source file, and now here's my email address: . Dig into the source reveals...

... here's my email address:
<script type="text/javascript">
  Rot13.write('<n uers="znvygb:fpbggl@lnat.vq.nh">fpbggl@lnat.vq.nh</n>');

It writes both the mailto: and the email address using Javascript. I've now fixed my resume page (no longer available), so that you can now click on my email address to send mail to me, but from spam bot point of view it is just some garbage.

Ops. Forget to mention that this trick might not work with many text-based web browsers like my favourite w3m.