New Price for Apple Notebooks

I have noticed today in the on-line Apple Store that the price of Apple notebooks have dropped their price across the range. For now, you can grab a 800Mhz iBook for AUD$1,849, and a 900Mhz 12" iBook for AUD$2,399. It is more than $200 cheaper than the amount I paid for less than 1 month ago! I guess it is partly because of the strong Australian dollar (AUD$1.00 is around USD$0.65 this morning), but I wonder whether there is anything new on the horizon from Apple. Especially the PowerBook range - the 867Mhz 12" PowerBook now starts from $3,099 - coming down from $3,999 a few weeks ago. This is insane. I think Apple really wants to get rid of them right now in order to push out the new models.

Anyway. I don't have anything to complain. I have used this machine for one machine now, and I really enjoyed it. But 200 bucks. Well.

There is a story at MacRumors on Apple lowers prices on 12" and 15" PowerBooks. It appears that Apple did lower the price to push the stock out of door. 17" did not get a price cut probably because it sells well. We'll see.