Matrix Reloaded, Again

Last night V and I went to watch the movie Matrix Reloaded again at Randwick Ritz. With the flow of story already in place, this time around the dialogues make much more sense to me, especially the dialogues between Neo and Oracle, as well as between Neo and the Architect. However, there is still a battle in me to decide whether I want to believe in the dual-Matrix hypothesis, as I think it does explain some parts very well (especially Neo's EMP power in the real world), but at the same time someone else objects. The key point in objecting the dual-Matrix hypothesis is the reason to reload the inner-Matrix, or the purpose of the mission of the One. There are valid reasons to have two matrices - machine will do it to make the exiles/rebels/anomaly think that they have actually received freedom, yet they are still under the control of the extra-matrix. But then why is the mission of the One? Why does the inner-matrix needs to be reloaded? I think possibly in order to keep the rebels under-control, without having them raising a dubt that they are actually inside another matrix, it is necessary to eliminate them every now and then. So it is about destroying the Zion every now and then. Hmmm. Not very convincing, isn't it? Matrix Code

One intersting observation I have is Zion's control centre. That's the scene when Nebuchadnezzar is approaching Zion and requested for landing/docking. It has a very thick "Mac" touch - everything white with drag and drop interface everywhere. Very clean. Very elegant. But the scene is no where to be seen again in the movie. What replaces it is the real Zion - dirty, ugly, very poor constructions, hmm. You know what I meant if you have seen the movie. What has happened to all the cool technology in the Zion control centre?

Just have to wait for November for Revolution - way too many questions in my head.

At the same time, I found Matrix does raise quite a lot of challenge/temptations to Christians and non-Christians today. I found it gave me different challenges. In the first Matrix movie, it questioned the audience - are you sure that we are actually living in reality? How can you be sure that we are not in another computer simulation? How can you be sure that your real-self is plugged into a machine somewhere, providing it your biochemical enegy?

However, the big challenge for me in Reloaded is - how can you be sure that the prophecy is true. As Neo confronted Morpheus that "the Prophecy is a lie", and the way did not end is a proof of it, it makes you wonder, what if the prophecy is really a lie. If you are a Christian, how would you respond when someone challenges you like, "What if the prophecy in the Bible is a lie? What if Jesus will not come back to judge to bring in the new creation?" What if the whole thing is just a plot designed by the Architect himself, i.e. God, to reload his created world so everything can start refresh again. And I guess Jesus might have done it 5 times before already... How would a Christian respond to that? Morpheus did put his faith in what Oracle has said, but it did not turn out to be what he has expected.

I think there is a difference between the Christian prophecy and Oracle's prophecy in the Matrix movie. First of all, Oracle is not God, and she is merely doing her work - guiding the One to step onto the road of reloading the Matrix. Oracle might have known the result, but that did not get revealed to Neo and Morpheus. Oracle has no track records, but Morpheus still believed in the prophecy. Where as God in the Bible has lots of track records - in fact the whole Old Testament is there to remind the New Testament readers that God is trust worthy and faithful to his promises when the Israelites failed. He can be trusted because of what he has done before.

And the prophcy in the Matrix is not a lie either, but it is just different from Morpheus' perception of the truth. Morpheus intepretates the war ends when the One enters the source as human winning against the machines, but it did not turn out to be the case. The prophecy is fulfiled - the war is over, but by the One reloading the matrix and have everything restarted again. It is like how Jews perceived the Old Testament prophecy on this Messianic figure, who will reign forever. It can be intepretates as an earthly king defeating the Romans and establish an earthly kingdom, but the truth is that this king has actually defeated Satan by dying on the cross, and has established a heavenly kingdom. I still need to think a bit more about the logic, but it indeed can be a question asked often by non-Christians to challenge our thinking and faith.

And still have to wait for November. Except if Jesus came back for judgement prior to that :)