Just Some Updates

I have not been blogging on this site for a few days, and honestly I have stopped using my little iBook!! However, it is not because my frustration with it, nor is it because I got tired and sick of the Mac OS X operating system, but everytime I tried to use it, I got a "resource not available" error bounced back to me...

Basically, my wife Vivian has been the sole user of the iBook for the past 3-4 days as she is working on a seminar for the coming Friday. I am now stuck on my Dell notebook... If it continues, it sounds like we might need more than one Mac at home.

WWDC 2003 (World Wide Developer Conference) is coming up in just over the week, and romours to what will happening to the Apple's production line has been filled all over the Internet. Chilli Power Computing is currently offering a brand new, sourced in Australia 12" Combo-drive PowerBook for $2,699, which is $400 less than the retail price. I have no idea on how they achieve that. According to one guy in the forum, they seem to be reliable. It is really a good deal for the little PowerBook, and it makes my 1 month old iBook looks very expensive.

On a separate note, I actually tried the Safari Bookmark Exchanger that I mentioned in the previous entry. Instead of synchronising the bookmarks between two browsers, it actually just create another folder called "Imported from Safari" in Camino, and then dump all the Safari bookmarks there. Not exactly what I wanted, so I ditched it straightaway. I am still thinking of writing a console based solution. Shouldn't be too hard I think.