John Chapter 9 and Matrix?!

Last night I was trying to write questions for the bible study for the Mandarin Bible Fellowship this coming Sunday. I have been trying to write up this study since last week, but has never got a chance to complete it, because of this common humanistic behaviour, procrastination. But it is not the point. Anyway, we are doing chapter 9 of John's gospel this week. It's a much easier read than the previous chapter, where you almost feel that Jesus is answering the Jews by obfuscation. Chapter 9 is just about how Jesus healed this man who was blind since birth, while at the same time, Pharisees continue to criticise him and disapprove what Jesus has done. At the end of day, Jesus has not just given the physical light to someone who has lived in darkness whole his life, but also the spiritual light that brings forgiveness of sins. On the other hand, the Pharisees/Jews claimed to know the truth, but in reality are still blinded from it.

The setting of this chapter reminded me the Matrix. Well, I am still thinking about it after three weeks since I first watched! But picture yourself in the shoes of a plugged-in, and one day this big muscular figure who called himself Morpheus turned up in front of you, and tell you that you are actually blind and live in darkness. How would you respond to him? Will you believe in him without a second thought, and then swallow the red pill when it is offered to you? Or would you mock him and tease him, and try to tell him that you have in fact 20-20 eye sight?

We are blinded from birth as well, just like those who are plugged into the Matrix - they have never had a sense of freedom in their lives, even though their senses have deceived them so. Do you think that you are free? Or think again. How much are we bonded by our sinful nature? We can never freely worship God - unless our bondage has been broken. Unless the slaves have been released from the mainframe. Unless your sins have been forgiven. Jesus is the light of the world - but are you willing to acknowledge that you are in the darkness?

Chapter 9 should be read together with chapter 8. Sounds like I'll have some revision to do for the Bible study this week.