Google Toolbar 2

Saw it initially from the WebMaster World, Google Toolbar has gong beta in its 2.0 release. Beside the regular feature that integrate Google searches onto your Internet Explorer, it also adds these features:

  • Popup Blocker
  • Auto Fill
  • Blog This

I've tested the popup blocker, and it seems to be working. When you enter a webpage that might trigger a popup, Google Toolbar will then notify you that the site has tried to popup a new window. By clicking on the button on the toolbar allows you to "release" the popup. Very handy in surfing the web today. Auto fill can, well, automatically fill the forms on the webpage with predefined name, email and addresses. It can also store up the credit card detail for you. Whereas blog this will automatically create a blog entry on the website you are viewing, but it works with only Blogger.

The primary use of Google Toolbar for me is still the Page Rank checking, and then that's about it. I am going back to Mozilla now :)