Going For The Hop

He moved past a much thinner guy in front of him with the ball on his hand. Turn swiftly through the court, and he has already drawn close to the ring. He tried to make a jump shot, but the defendant would not permit by blocking all the airways. But the ball was still released with a hop, and made its way through the ring with a swish. It's a score. "Max! Max! Max!" yelled everyone off the court. What a shot...

Well, that's what was happening yesterday afternoon in UniGym when I tried to play basketball with some guys from the University Chinese Church. It has never been easy to book a court on Sundays, but fortunately that the students are having exams at the moment so the courts have become relatively assessable, even though they still need to ring up early in the Sunday morning to book the court for the next Sunday.

Max was not exactly an ace athletes, and in fact you probably would not call the father of a soon-to-be-three-daughter "sporty" at all. But Max, who was originated from HK, was there when I first joined FOCUS back in '95. Already married then, he was already struggling when he played basketball with us, the young undergrads back then. But he still kept on turning up to different sports games we have at church, year after year. And there is also Vincent, who is a few years older than me, but also someone we used to play basketball with at church. He and his wife came yesterday to the gym, and I had a few games in the same team as Vincent.

But where are other people that I used to play basketball with? The problem with an overseas student church is that majority of people will go back home after they have completed their course. Carson, Kevin, Ernest - just to name a few that used to play basketball in FOCUS, and they are all back to their home countries working and serving in the home churches. What's left are those who refuse to leave, i.e. Max, Vincent and me, playing with the new generation of students...

And it hurts. Well, I mean physically it hurts. I started to understand what Max might have felt when he played with us when I was in undergrad. Now I just can't run as fast, jump as high and shoot as accurate as I would like to be. All the high UCC "kids" are just running like crazy circling around it. And after a few minutes of games, I felt like there's some chewing gum that sticks between my shoes and the floor - my feet just refuses to move anymore. We played on and off for 2 hours yesterday, and my whole body aches everywhere when I woke up this morning :(

But hopefully I am going back there again this coming Sunday (after I recover). I seriously need more exercise. Ouch. It hurts.