Getting a Chinese Blog

I have been thinking of creating another new blog for myself, and I am going to call it "Flying in a Blue Dream". Well, it is not really my Joe Satriani blog, even though it has been my favourite song from him. It is going to be a Chinese blog, i.e. blogging with Chinese characters in there, and will be called "飛翔在藍色的夢". It has been my nick when I first started visiting BlueSky BBS back in 1997. BlueSky BBS is a telnet based bulletin board system run by Sonny, a Taiwanese who happened to have an ISP back then. Many years later the BBS is still standing, and it is probably the place where I wrote most my Chinese over the past 8 years. I still have fond memory of that place, and if I am starting to write Chinese on my blog, I will name it after my very first nick. And yesterday I blogged that I am going to improve my Chinese, at least for the ministry sake, so I thought writing more in Chinese might be a good opportunity.

Well. I was going to create it. I am in the MovableType interface. I clicked on Create New Weblog. Then I struggled. Do I have time to spend on writing another blog? Will I still be able to handle weekday work and week night + weekend ministry? I don't want to create another blogsite that will have only one entry per month. I think I am going to give it a miss this time...

Anyway, I am keeping these thoughts here, and maybe I will come back a month or two later to continue my blue dream.