Christian Testimony

When most people talk about the word Christianity, they will relate it to something irrational, unreasonable, illogical, and would only be believed by someone who has lost touch to the real world. Moreover, it has to be about your morality, as God will only let those good people through the Pearly Gate. However, I came to know Christ because it is rational, reasonable, logical, and not about being a good person.

I grow up in a farely christianised family. My parents attend church sometimes, but are not Christians themselves. I was a good boy when I was young - at least that is what I thought about myself. I have high standard of morality, and sometimes I am even quite legalistic. The need for God has never occured in my mind. Even there is a God, I thought I would have no problem meeting his standard.

In 1994 which was the last year of my high school, my dad decided to bring me to a local Chinese church on the Gold Coast, so that I can meet some new friends instead of sitting in the front of computers whole day. Besides regular church service on Sunday morning, I also joined their Saturday youth group, which was led by some university students from Malaysia at that time. After attending the youth group for 6 months, I gradually understand who Jesus is, what did he do, and what does his death and resurrection mean to me. It is also a shock to me that we are all guilty in front of this God, and he has demanded a response from everyone. It occured to me that maybe I won't meet his standard of "righteousness".

6 months later in October 1994, in an afternoon after we had the Bible study in the pastor's house, the youth group leader, Richard, challenged me with this question - 'Are you willing to accept Jesus as your personal saviour?' The actual content of the Bible study has escaped my memory, however I answered 'Yes' to the question Richard asked. To me it was a logical choice. Through the Bible studies I learnt all the evidence of God as the creator of the universe, and how God paved the way of salvation of each individual in this world through the death and resurrection of this person Jesus Christ. If God is really our creator, and the resurrection and coming judgement is true, then submitting to him in repentance and obeying his word becomes the logical implication to me. So I became a Christian.

The verse that I've learnt on that day has great implication for me. The youth group gave me this Chinese Bible, and they quoted 2 Corinthians 5:17 behind the cover page. It says "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: the old has gone, the new has come!". This verse tells me that, hey, I am a whole new person when I belong to Christ. I can have a brand new start, and my relationship with God can be perfect again. However, it also reminds me that I need to leave my past behind, for Christ did not rescue me to live my dirty old life again.

Since God accepted me as His child, I became more conscious about what I do and the kind of language I use everyday. It was not a sudden change, and I did not think I was acting particularly sinful back then. However, after a few years when I looked back, I did make quite a few changes to my lives. Holy Spirit is working in me gradually to transform myself to what God pleases.

A few months later after I became a Christian on the Gold Coast, I came to Sydney to study, and the first thing I did during the orientation week was to find a church. It was in God's plan that I came to FOCUS, and over the last few years I've learnt much about God's word and how to minister His people. Because someone was willing to share the gospel with me a few years ago, I am able to be saved by this gospel. The challenge to me now is, how can I also use my opportunities to share this saving good news with the people around me.