Blog Stock Price

After a few hacks last night I have made the stock price available on my Playground blogsite. You will see the box titled "Blogshares" on the right-hand side of the page, below the "Links" box, displaying some stock information that I have retrieved from Blogshares periodically. It is actually not a real time share price ticker. To save bandwidth, I chose to fetch the stock price and other related information from the Blogshare twice a day, and then merge with the rest of document using PHP. The fetcher and the parser is just a small Python script that uses urllib and regular expression. And now I can watch my blogsite stock goes up and down throughout the day!

While Blogshares is trying to be a simulation of stock market, I have to say it is very unrealistic. The price can be easily manipulated, and everyone can easily become millionaires. The market is now manipulated by a few filthy rich people who has bought a bit of everything... At the same time, I think it serves its purpose as a fancy blog directory, especially after the "Industries" functionality has been implemented. I am now trying to buy a bit of everything from the Christianity and Computers::Apple industries, at the same time it also provides me many good blogs to consume, and get to know some new faces at the same time.