Well, There Goes My Fink Install

I have to reinstall Fink again today because somehow I mis-upgraded certain files. Now whenever I need to install some package, it will stall after the file has been fetched by curl - it will just show that 100% has been downloaded, but curl never quits. Weird. A quick search on the mailing list does not resolve my issue, thus I have to revert back to my only solution - "rm -rf /sw" and then reinstall Fink 0.5.2 from scratch. apt-get update the package list, and then start my download again. Seems to be working fine now.

Probably just my incompetent in Debian-based systems. Or maybe I should not expect that much from an Open Source software that has not reached 1.0.

Update 28 May 2003 11:44pm: It seems to be the problem of curl - I changed the fetch method of fink to wget, and then "apt-get install wget" to install the command line downloader. Bang. All the fink install command works properly now. Weird.