Very First Friday Random Quickies

I am hoping to start a new feature on the my blog site - the Friday Random Quickies. During the week I usually discovered quite a few interesting sites in a random fashion (during the boring hours of the day, of course), however I am not sure whether I want to write a whole blog entry on each new site that I've encoutered with. So I thought, maybe I will just keep on appending to one blog entry throughout the week, and then publish it on Friday afternoon before I finish my work. Then here it is - Scott's random pick for the week. By gathering the post 'til Friday, hopefully it can add some regularity into this randomness.

Actually for this week I've only started on Wednesday, so the number of entries might not be that great. Usually I surf far too much and I am not sure whether they will all fit into one entry. Let's see...




I found 2 blogs from people in MBF this week. The first one is from Tim Hu, yeah the Dr. Who from MBF, who has his blog site hosted on BlogSpot. I can see that Tim has been slack between January and May, but has recently picked up his pace again. I won't reveal the second one because it might cause some stir.

By the way, Tim, if you are reading this blog, would you consider hosting your blog site with You get "", using a much superior blog engine MovableType, at least 50mb of storage space, FTP, PHP scripting, AWstats, absolutely no ad banners, and has a friendly system administrator that you can contact in person. Only has to put up with the speed of my ADSL link and regular visitors from FOCUS. Hah! What a deal. :)

Mac Blogs

Since the start of my own Mac blog, I have been reading other switchers' blogs. The one I've read recently is Mike Wendland is a Christian working as a high tech reporter in US, who switched from Windows to Mac late last year. He works much harder than I do, i.e. usually updates his Mac blog everyday. There's lots of interesting reviews and experience of an experienced PC user switching to Mac.

Taiwanese Blogs

Also during the week I found the TaiwanUSA Journals, because somehow they linked my blogsite on that page (found from the referrals log). Here's a little info from this page:

This page was created especially for those of Taiwanese origin in the hope that better international communication and understanding can be reached through the use of personal journals and blogs....

Well. It sounds like just a flat list of Taiwanese blog site (and I suspect that it was ripped off from Rice Bowl Journals' Taiwan section). However, why does it call itself "TaiwanUSA" journals, especially when MY BLOG SITE is in it? Hey, c'mon. I have not been to the states since, hmm, many many many years ago. We are Aussies, Oi Oi Oi!! :)

MovableType for Dummies

Well. Not quite. But here is a very nice blog tutorial that focuses on using MovableType. It starts with explaining the concept behind blogging, and then moving onto getting MovableType hosted and installed, using the control panels, and then posting the first blog. Quite good as a guide with lots of pictures. Check it out if you are thinking of getting onto blogging. Check it out if you can't stand Blogger anymore :)

Creating a blog with MovableType... a Beginner's Guide

Christian Sites

Well. This one is not really a regular Christian site that you'll expect on the net. Last Friday I have a give a small seminar on the topic of SARS, and then I stumbled on this sermon on the net - Forget the MSG - Pass the SARS, from the Landover Baptist. WARNING!!! Before you actually click on the link to read this sermon by Pastor Harry Hardwick, be prepared and take it easy! When I read it last time, I was thinking in my mind, "hey, a bunch of self-righteous American Christians". And talk about being rude in a sermon, this one has to offend all the Asians out there. But little did I know that Landover Baptist is just a popular Christian parody site. Parody?? According to the dictionary:

parody (pae rE di)
a humorous imitation in print, music, or performance of a serious person, work of art, or publication.

Yes. It is just a humour site. Everything is fake. The church does not exist. But there is nowhere on the index page can I see the hint (maybe I have not tried hard enough), and because I landed to just an article page search through a serious topic (via Google), it is even harder for me to realise that I supposed to laugh after I read this ridiculous sermon. Imaging how many others might stumble across their article pages, which cover quite a lot of other things, and taking their point of view seriously?

Do You Have Spare 4.5 Million USD Somewhere?

Aircraft Carrier

If you do, then you might want to check out this sale.

French Creek Boat Sales - Ex-Aircraft Carrier

Yup. With USD$4,500,000 in your hand, you can get a 60 years old ex-aircraft carrier. Imagine riding on one of that, and asking all your friends for Sydney Harbour cruise? Or maybe you want to be a world domination villain, but you are on a tight budget. Then this ship will be a good start - big enough to carry your mass destruction weapons around (with your team of mad scientists, of course). Jet fighters sold separately.

Well. That's all folks for the first issue of the Friday Random Quickies. I think I might have written too much. Anyway. Until next week (for the next issue of FRQ). Meanwhile, I'll keep on blogging.