Tender Surrender

Currently Listening: Tender Surrender from Steve Vai's Alien Love Secrets album, 1995.

Clock is ticking pass 7 and it is in complete darkness outside, but I am still stuck at work here, waiting for V to pick me up to go home. It is pretty much the end of today for me, and I don't think I can squeeze out another line of code. Well, not quite. I think I need to go somewhere to teach someone C++ tonight. Well, never mind.

At the moment I am listening through some MP3's from my old collection of CD's. "Alien Love Secrets" has been my favourite Steve Vai album, followed closely by Passion and Warfare. It is actually not a full-album - it has 7 tracks with 30+ minutes worth of electric guitars, and someone would rather call it a mini-album. Anyway. I really enjoy the track at the end of the album, Tender Surrender. It is a 5 minutes instrumental ballet, starts with a nice clean tone, and ends with a slightly overdriven Wah effect. But the climax in between is in that high gain distortion coming out from Evolution with Steve's signature finger work. I actually saw the studio video of "Alien Love Secrets" back in 1996 at my ex-band member's place, and I nearly dropped my jaw when I saw how Steve put his right hand in front of left hand when he played "Bad Horsie". Wow. It is something that I think I will never manage.

And it did bring back a lot of memories. Time flies, and my left hand has become so rusty that it makes me feel shame when I pick up an electric guitar. I used to be able to play most songs from Joe Satriani's Time Machine album, but right now I cannot even strike a chord properly. I have not been taking guitar seriously since my old Jackson got stolen back in 1999. And there are quite a few priority changes, I guess.

Maybe I will do some blues tomorrow.