Reciprocal Links to/from Scott's Playground

I have decided to add a new section on the index page of this blog site, dedicated to my list of reciprocal links. Do you want to be linked by "Scott Yang's Playground"? It is currently a PR5 website according to the mighty Google Toolbar, and hopefully a reciprocal links can help boosting both your and my site ranking. Here is some guide lines.

First of all, please link this blog site on your index page. It won't be reciprocal if the link is a tiny hypertext buried deep inside your blog. Moreover, It needs to generate referrals, as I will check my web statistics to discover where are my site visitors coming from. Drop me an email if you has linked me, and wanted reciprocal links, but I also need to check the content of your blog site as well. I want to be sure that your site is worthwhile linking to.

Okay. Let me see whether it all worked out.