My First Google AdWords

I don't sell things on the web. I don't run a shop, nor am I owning a business on the net. However I tried the Google AdWords today for the first time, trying to attract people to come to FOCUS.

And it is fun to set up. The whole process only took me 5 minutes, and I spent most my time thinking a catchy phrase to put on the advertisement. It basically asks me the targeting group, the format of the ads, how much am I willing to per for it, and my payment details. Bang. Within a few minutes the FOCUS ads was on every page of the my search keyword. Well. I am not revealing the keyword here but it should be easy to find out.

The keyword that I am targeting is actually relatively cheap - I am paying AUD$0.09 per click through for that little ads. I am also limiting the budget to be around AUD$30 per month so I don't go broke running this campaign. I think it is a good deal - easy and straight forward to sell your product without costing too much money and too much time running advertisement.

The report module built by Google is also pretty impressive. It tells me how many click through's is there (i.e. how much I owe Google), and the rate of clicking through (CTR). I plan to run it for a few days and see how it goes.