Jesus verses Neo

At the International Unichurch last Sunday, Joshua gave a sermon on Matthew 22, on how the Pharisees and Sadducees attacked Jesus with challenging questions. I think Josh probably has just seen the movie Matrix Reloaded, and cannot get all the actions and the philosophical talks out of his head, so the whole sermon basically spoils the movie (pitty for those on Sunday who have not yet seen it).

Neo is a Jesus-like figure - a rebel that is against the establishment, a Messianic character, was dead but came back to life again, and live to fulfil the prophecy as "the One". Neo dodged the attacks from agent Smith in the "bullet time", and Jesus also dodged and struke back the Pharisees and Sadducees from their inquiries in Matthew 22. Neo came to rescue the humanity from the Matrix, the virtual reality that we believe in but leads to nowhere but slavery. Jesus came 2000 years ago also to rescue the humanity from our own matrix - a world that we want to believe that there is no God, but leads us to nowhere but eternal destruction in hell...

But Jesus and Neo are quite different in other places. At the end of Matrix Reloaded, we found out that "the One" is only a specially designed program destined to reload the Matrix, and all the decisions of Neo to that point in time where he met the Architect were predestined by the very establishment Neo has been trying to destroy. He did not really have a choice - all the way he was programmed to do what he thought was his own decision. And at that point he really felt being fooled. He is not in control, but his enemy is. It is more like Buddhism than Christianity - Zion as the last human city is just reincarnating again and again, after "the One" let it be destroyed and reloaded the Matrix again and again... People are still in their illusion, lies and deception.

Christ on the other hand, is in control. He has already paid for our sin and defeated the death, and Satan's reign over this world has already gone down the hill. Moreover, Jesus is not just a super hero wannabe. He is not just another man - he is the Lord. He is God himself, the master of universe.

But at the same time, we are not like the misinformed people inside the Matrix, who do everything in the virtual reality without knowing. Instead, we know the fact that we are living in our own illusions. Even though God has already told us the fact in the Bible, many of us rather live in our own deception and believe that this life is all there is. We are more like Cypher in the first Matrix movie, who rather trade his freedom with comfort inside his own deception.

I am trying to gather more ideas on how one can use the Matrix theme to host an evangelistic meeting. Anyone bother to give a comment?