Hacking the Matrix

I went to see the Matrix Reloaded yesterday at the Randwick Ritz. The gfx effects were, "Wow", all the way through out the movie. The conversations between Neo and Oracle, and between Neo and the Architect are also quite deep, and I think I might have to go back to watch it again.

But what catches me is one scene where Trinity has to disarm the computer security system of a building so she can shut down the power generator. She rode in with a motorbike and bombed the security post, ran into the building, Kong-Fu executed some security guards, and then sat down in the front of an X11 terminal looks-alike. During the movie yesterday, I only picked up her using sshnuke to hack into a *nix box on a private IPv4 network ( and reset its root password. But according to the news from insecure.org she actually used NMap to port scan the network to find out vulnerable hosts before hacking it with the old SSH exploit. That was "woow!!"

I guess what the Matrix architect said was right. The first version of Matrix is all perfect, and they have to put in some human deficiency into the sub-sequent "updates". Thus I guess that means all the bugs in our own computer system :) And I have to say that the hacking scene is very well done in Matrix. All other "hackers" movies that I have seen are crap - 3D graphical user interface in "Hackers? Trinity with NMap and SSH exploit was way cool.

But at the end she is still a script kiddie - using port scan and pre-made exploits. I guess it has to be the case, otherwise the movie might easily extended to 10 hours while we watch Trinity code and compile her own exploits :)