Crashing Finder

Finder in Mac OS X is probably one of the most discussed application in Mac. It is an app that people love and hate. While it is years ahead of Finder in Mac OS 9, packed with lots of features, and is beautiful to look at, it does not really take the full advantage of Mac OS X. First of all, as a person coming from the Windows land, I found Windows Explorer much easier to use - I want a 2 pane view with tree on one side, and list of files/folders on another! I can't find a way to figure out the "current directory" that the Finder window is in, i.e. it lacks the 'Address Bar' in Explorer. Navigating through folders with "bash" in can sometimes be faster.

But the most disgusted feature of Finder is probably its single threaded-ness, and having Finder hanging on you is like having Explorer hanging on you in Windows - the whole system stalls. Except I still have not found a way to kill Finder properly.

This morning I tried to browse an FTP site using Safari, and then it automatically use Finder to mount the FTP site as a mounted volume for me on the desktop. That was cool! I can use Finder to browse the FTP site just like how I usually browse the folders! But the excitement does not last long, after it tries to read the directories. The spinning beach ball comes up, and it does not want to go away. D'oh. The whole Finder stalls, and I can't use other files in other Finder window, nor can I select them on the desktop. Well. Sounds like I have to kill it. So I pressed Command+Option+Esc to bring up the "Force Kill" window (sounds like a Jedi trick to me - Force kill :) and then click on Finder. It only allows me to Relaunch instead of Kill. Well, I click on the button. Click on it again. Again and again and nothing has happened. The colourful spinning beach ball is still there annoying me. So I think, maybe shutting down the computer will help - reboot always works in Windows. But Mac OS X refuses to quite when the Finder process is still alive, and I ended up in that limbo state - can't quit and can't run any app either. I should have fire up a term, and do "kill -9". Too late. I am stuck. I have to power off the whole iBook at the end to get back... I thought I've already forgotten about rebooting when I started using Mac OS X...

Hopefully Panther will bring in a much better Finder. Mean while, I just have to live with it.