What a Easter Break

Not really a break actually. Just got back from the FOCUS Church Camp 2003 on "The Right Place to Find Love". This was an awesome church camp. Hmm. I am running out of words. I think I am just too tired to type up a proper blog. The church camp is exhausting, but at the end of today you went, "Gee, that's already 4 days." During the church camp we are just bombarded with Bible studies, talks, seminar/electives, fellowship, food, games, etc. Every day is well spent. Today we finished at around 3pm, and many MBF fellows went to Dee Why breach, and then Mosman for dinner. Got back home at around 8:30pm, sorted out the mess, and ...

Strange feeling pops out my mind everytime a church camp or MYC concludes. You really enjoyed it, and you really get to associate and have fellowship with other people. We all learn a great deal of God's word. Then it is the end of the break, and I am heading back to work tomorrow. sigh.

I think I just need to go to sleep now.