Sunday Night 隨筆

The weekend is about to finish, and I am very tired from all my Sunday activities. It was quite a relaxed weekend though, which is quite good.

Yesterday, Saturday 12 April, I went to Wilson and Susanna's wedding at St. Matthias Paddington. The church wedding service started at 10:00am, but quite naturally we were a bit late when we got into the building. It was the first wedding service hosted by our pastor Joshua - actually I should call him Reverend Joshua Ng in this case. He was doing a fine job yesterday, even though Wilson has given him a hard time to preach from 1 Corinthians 7, where Apostle Paul suggested the people in the church of Corinthian not to marry. And Vincent from UCC was given a even harder job - translate and present Joshua's talk into Cantonese. He told me he slept at 1:30am that morning trying to present Joshua's talk into Cantonese context - including 4 different ways to say sex.

After the wedding, I took Vivian to Randwick to check her wisdom teeth, and she ended up pulling one out on the day. Ouch. And we also ended up eating congee for dinner last night and today because she just cannot chew anything.

Johnny English At night we went to watch Rowan Atkinson's Johnny English, where he accidentally became an M17 secret agent. It was a funny movie, as long as you are an Atkinson fan. It is a bit like Mr. Bean, where Atkinson plays a really dumb character - some kind of stupidity that you really need patience to tolerate with. Yet Johnny English has this 007 theme, which makes it a bit different from Bean. However, you might be a bit disappointed if you are seeking action movies. I have to say that I enjoyed the movie - nothing better than a good laugh on Saturday night. But I am an Atkinson fan anyway...

Sunday is usually pretty pack for us - church in the morning, Bible study right afterwards. Mandarin Bible Fellowship has its own take away lunch today, and Joshua is taking some people through the new partners meeting. After that, Bible study leaders have meetings until 6:00pm, and then Vivian and I went helping someone to move. I was promising Robin that I will add the Ex-FOCUS module onto the FOCUS website, because everytime he saw me and he would mention that, and we met yesterday in the wedding. But I found that I just could not code anymore tonight - way too tired. Okay to blog a bit though.

Someone from MBF is asking me some question about Python now. They actually used Python as one teaching language at UNSW, which is pretty good. I need to go and help that person now.

/me sign off for the day