Rumours on New iBook

Think Secret has posted a rumour on the up-coming iBook updates which quite disappointedly only move the processor speed up by 100MHz. There is no AirportExtree, there is Bluetooth, there is no Firewire, there is no ATI Radeon 9000, and there certainly is no Gigahertz G3.

Apple iBook

Even though it is just a rumour, but it seems Think Secret is pretty certain that it is going to be the up-coming update for iBook later in April. I have been post-ponding my iBook purchase (yeah right! I've been talking about that for an year and half now) because I am waiting for THIS PARTICULAR UPDATE! I saw what Apple has done to the 12" PowerBook, and I want them in iBook as well. I almost went out to get a Netgear 802.11g wireless kit so I can prepare myself for the 54Mbps 2.4Ghz AirportExtree that was speculating to be in the next generation iBook. Hmmm. Very disappointed. As of the Gigahertz G3, I am pretty sure Apple can do slot one into iBook easily. IBM even announced the 1Ghz 750FX way back in October 2001! But because of their concern for the 12" PowerBook sale, Apple has decided not bumping the speed up.

Why not just get a 12" PowerBook G4 then, you might ask. Here's some reasons that I prefer to get a iBook G3 than a PowerBook G4.

  • Price. Currently, top of line 12" iBook is about AUD$1,000 less than 12" PowerBook. I know that PowerBook is more equipped, but hey, $1,000 is still a lot of money.
  • G3. I don't need Altivec in G4 as I don't do much multimedia stuff. Moreover, IBM 750FX on .13micron runs a bit faster and cooler in non-Altivec operations than Motorola 7445 on .18micron, which is what the current mobile G4 is based on.
  • Ruggedness. iBook is famous for its durability, whereas I've seen a lot of report on the construction problem of 12" PowerBook. Because it is a notebook, I will carry it around a lot. What then is the point if it can be easily damaged?

So, the question is - should I go and buy it regardlessly this month, or should I wait for the next update? The worst thing could happen is that right after I buy the semi-updated iBook, Apple then released the new design after MWDC where IBM 970 powered PowerMac will be demonstrated. Still have a few weeks to decide...

Update 2003-04-08 10:04 AEST: Some discussions on Mac sites on this topic:

At the end, I think it is still a very nice notebook to buy. Recently I have been shopping for a new notebook for Vivian. These are the specs that I'm looking for - portable (less than 2.5kg) yet has built-in optical drive (not as an attachment like other portables), preferably a combo (DVD/CDRW) drive, good wireless functionality (802.11b at least), good looking, good build quality, and under AUD$3,500. I do not need fast processors - a Pentium 3 or a PPC G3 will fit the bill. Yet it can be quite difficult to find in the Windows world for something portable yet cheap. I've been eyeing an older generation Asus M2, but they don't have combo drives... Much it is just easier to get an iBook :)