Phillip Jensen on Secular vs. Secularists

I went to the Campus Bible Study Supporters' Supper last night at the St. Andrews Cathedral, next to the Sydney Townhall. It was not really a supper for me because I had a big dinner prior to that - but it is not the reason why I went anyway. It was a night where the current CBS or ex-CBS attendants, who have benefited from its great teaching over the years, to come back to know what has been happening on the UNSW campus recently. Moreover, we are also asked to provide support for the advancing of ministry on the campus. Paddy first came and introduced the changes to St. Matthias and Ministry Training Strategy, and how the University Churches parish has been formed. Some staff workers and students were interviewed, and we had some time to pray for the ministry on campus.

Then Phillip Jensen came to give a talk on what has been happening over the last few weeks, where he has been attacked by the media. He started with the difference between "secular" and "secularist". The word "secular" is a 13th century word, which basically means things of this world. Christians believe in secular things, because we believe in a God that creates the world. Secular education does not necessarily reject religions, because Christians believe in the existence of this world as well as there is a God outside this world. On the other hand, secularists is a 19th century word, and it describes those who believe in this world, and there is nothing else. There is no religion, there is no God, and human is not accountable to God. Unfortunately, the secularists movement today is taking over the word secular, and try to remove all signs of religion. However, they are doing it in a political correct way - they say the religions are just opinions instead of facts. This is the very thing the media today tries to convince us - it does not matter what you believe, as long as you are sincere. It is fine as long as it is true to you, and by the way, your belief is only an opinion to me. This "all religion is opinion" idea is consistently illogical...

I am hoping Anglican Media Sydney will post last night's talk soon so I can link it here. At the end, Phillip Jensen did not attack the Islamic believes, nor did he say the Judaism is wrong - he is attacking the secularism of this world that there is no truth but opinions in religion. At the end, they are saying all religions are wrong, because it does not matter to them. But if Christianity is right, Islam must be wrong because they are logically contradictory. The same applies the other way around - if Muslims are right, then Christians must be wrong. Under the banner of truth, you just can't call them all opinions.

It was a great night - I had the opportunities to meet up with some ex-CBS friends. It was an encouraging night - we know that the campus ministry is still moving forward, at the same time Phillip is on a more important role to bring the gospel to a broader audiences. It was also a challenging night - am I willing to stand up for the truth, and tell the world that religious tolerance is intolerance itself?