My First Trade on BlogShares

After I signed myself up for trading on the BlogShares, I've made a few trades recently. Initially I thought I will buy some Christian shares, and thought maybe I can contribute to the work of God by this (yeah right!). So I went and purchased some stock from blogs4God and Heal Your Church Web Site - some of my favourite Christian weblogs that I read daily. They are all in pretty low price though. Hmm. Wondering why it is the case.

The I thought I will buy some Python stocks, as Python is my favourite programming language at the moment. So I purchased some shares from PythonWare's Daily Python-URL and Kevin Altis' Radio Weblog. The price dropped right after I've purchased my share - shows that the demand is not that high. Bummer. I wonder how it compares with shares from the Perl and VB groups.

Well. It has been fun so far - at least I am still keeping most of the five hundred bucks given to me initially. And I am writing all these in my own blog, with links to the blogs I am share-holder of, in the hope to lift their value a little bit more. :)