Mac Rumours Culture

In preparation of getting a Mac and joining the switchers, I have been reading a lot of Mac sites and forums for the last couple weeks. One interesting observation that I found is the number of rumour sites about Mac hardware and software are there on the Internet. In the future hardware section of the forums, people are paranoid in speculating when and what Apple is going to release next. A simple Apple website off-line maintenance during the weekend can raise big discussions as people pondered whether the next PowerBook, iBook or iPod will be released. This is just amazing to see the culture there - it is something that I've never noticed in my Windows, OS/2 or Linux worlds.

For example, Mac rumours has its own category in the Open Directory Project (which is also used by Google Directory). And put these keywords in the Google search reveals the number of documents found.

Query # Results
apple rumors 150,000
ibm rumors 104,000
hp rumors 103,000
dell rumors 76,000
compaq rumors 18,300

I have been wondering what might have cause this kind of culture? Is it some kind of psychological effect? Or is it because Apple is just moving too slow? Any one care to comment about it?