Long Awaited iBook Update is Here

Long awaited? Well, at least for me. I think I am going to tell Vivian first and then try to get the fully configured 12" version. It was updated early this morning, according to MacSlash, but the update reflects what has been predicted by Think Secret a few weeks ago. There is just not much changes internally and externally, except getting a faster G3 processor and a bigger hard drive. Everything else is the same - no Airport Extreme, no Bluetooth, no DDR memory, etc. In some sense it is a disappointment for me because I have been expecting for a bit more, since this year is supposed to be the year of the notebooks. At the same time it is still better than getting an iBook 2 weeks ago.

The Australian store has also reflected its pricing accordingly. Moreover, there is a bigger reduction in price because of the currency. The lower-end 800Mhz 12" iBook now costs merely AUD$1,999, which is very suitable for people buying their first notebook.

Going to tell Vivian about this now :)

Updated 23 April 2003 @ 10:23AM: Just figured out that buying from Hong Kong would save me as much as AUD$500. But I don't know anyone coming from Hong Kong now that can buy one for me, and whether I can get tax-deduction on goods purchased overseas. Moreover, whether it will carry SARS virus when it is coming from HK. So at the end I still decided to buy the iBook here in Australia, from the Apple Store as it provides free delivery. Okay okay. I know that last one on SARS was a lame excuse...

Then I went to the Apple Store website - surprisingly they force me to use the insecure SSL version 2! My Mozilla is configured to disallow SSL2 contents (only SSL3 and TLS are allowed), so it came back as an error message before I am about to go to the check out. D'oh. I'll try it again later by turning off the security checking.