I am Infected by SARS, NOT

Yesterday (Friday 25 April) we had an evening event with the Mandarin Bible Fellowship. Because of the Anzac Day, workers can get a day free as well, so we organised a pot luck dinner at uni. However, Vivian caught cold after we came back from the church camp, probably because she spoke too loud during the camp, and got infected. She could not come last night and gave apology, but she still managed to cook a few dishes.

But now days, it is very serious when you said that yuo have caught a cold. Even in the Eastern Suburb in Sydney, people start being suspicious whether you have caught SARS virus if they know that you have been sick, especially amongst the Chinese/Hong Kong students that Vivian and I are working with. So more than once during the dinner people came around and asked me about Vivian - whether she has any symptoms of SARS. Because we had one person coming from Guangzhou in our church camp, and that person were sick as well for the last few days, everyone was speculating whether they have in fact being infected by the virus. Actually, I was sick for the last few days as well, but I felt much better now and have indeed recovered. In fact, it is actually quite normal to feel sick after the church camp because it is so exhausting, and every year a lot of people did get sick!

But SARS has indeed affected our society, even in a remote place like Sydney. It has done a lot of damage to Beijing, as I read this morning on the Heralds. A judgement from God? Maybe. Keep on praying.