Getting Ready for I.P.O.

After year and half of hard work, it has finally came to fruition. I can't remember how many lat night/early morning labouring in the front of my computer, trying to finish up the last bits and pieces for production, and now my precious little baby is about to be released to the public to catch bigger fishes. It is about to be released for I.P.O, the Initial Public Offering.

And I am actually talking about this blog site will be listed on BlogShares for the first time.

BlogShares is a game where anyone signed up will receive $1,000 virtual money to trade in their virtual share market. Each blog site listed will be distributed shares, and players can buy them. However, just like regular stock market, the share price might go up and down depending on the number of in-bound links from other known blog sites. And just like the stock market, you (1) buy low (2) sell high (3) profit!

It is actually a bit more complicated than that, but it is quite interesting to participate. But please, please link to my site to boost my share price, and then I will think about what I can do with all the virtual money I've made through this IPO... :)

... Actually, after I have finished up reading the manual and FAQ, I realised that my blog does not really have enough market value to float. <sigh>.