West-Ryde to Kingsford in 30 Minutes Drive

... And all under legal speed limit, of course.

Vivian and I went to Koorong this afternoon to pick up some bibles, and we finished our shopping at around 4:30pm in the afternoon. Koorong is at West Ryde, and usually we will drive on the Victoria Road all the way crossing the Anzac Bridge and into the Sydney CBD, and then get onto Oxford Street and Anzac Parade to get back home in Kingsford. However, I know tonight there will be that disgusting Mardi Gras event in the city, and I know that all the major roads will be blocked, especially Oxford Street. The alternative route will be getting onto Church Street (3) at West Ryde, which connects to the Home Bush Drive, and then get onto M4 to go to city, but then get onto Cleveland Road near Sydney Uni to get back to the Eastern Suburb. But then again, Anzac Parade might be blocked, and Parrametta Road between the exit of M4 and Sydney Uni can be quite slow as well...

So I thought I will take the longer route. I will still take Church Street at West Ryde, come all the way south along the King George Road to near Riverwood, and then take M5 to go back to the Eastern Suburbs. I think it will be reasonably okay because King George Road is 70km/h all the way, and when you get onto M5, everything will be smooth afterwards. Even though it might be the long route, as well as a route that I've never tried before, but maybe I will save some time at the end.

And it turns out to be quite fast. I got home in just over 30 minutes! All the way from Koorong at West Ryde to my place in Kingsford!

Now for all my FOCUS readers here - next time if you want to buy Christian books at Koorong, and want to take a long but faster way, you should know how to drive now :)