Time-Travel Busted for Insider Trading?

A buddy sent me this link to a story on Yahoo News:

'Time-Traveller' Busted for Insider Trading

Basically, this guy has invested $800 initially, and in 2 weeks he has a portfolio of $350 million in stocks. He made a gain on every trade, especially those special unexpected business development (merger, technical break through, etc), and it just cannot be explained by pure-luck. Therefore, Wall Street watch dogs had their eyes on him and accused him.

His explanation? He claimed that his time-travelling machine can warp to 200 years in the future, where today's economy crisis is well-known. Well, as everyone would have expected, the officials of SEC have mocked his claim, and are quite confidently that it is not true.

I don't believe this fellow's claim as well. However, he makes me remembering my Lord Jesus Christ, when he came 2000 years ago, walked among the people he has created, did all the signs and wonders, taught about the kingdom of God, and claimed to be God the Son himself who will reign forever more... And all we did was killed him by hanging him on the cross. There is nothing wrong in his claim, but it is just our unrepenting heart.

Well, it still does not make me believing in this person's claim on time travelling, but it does remind me that I need to think twice before making any judgements.

I found this short article while surfing the Internet today.


Its main argument is on the origin of the news - it is coming from Weekly World News, which sounds like a gossip site to me. Well, I have made my judgement on this matter.

Updated 18 April 2003: Somehow this story got to Slashdot, the News for Nerds...