Phillip Jensen is On Fire!

Phillip Jensen

It is on the Sydney Morning Herald this morning.

No sacred cows in dean's tirade

Anglican Media Sydney has the abridged version of Phillip Jensen's sermon.

Pray that I may declare it fearlessly

It is definitely worth a read. The message is indeed strong, as Phillip attacked religious tolerance and liberalism of today. I guess we will hear more opinion on his sermon later today as the news spreads, but we pretty much can predict the outcome from the general public. As the Sydney Anglicans working hard on achieving the 10 percent goal in 2010, the heat and pressure is really building up. Again yesterday from Joshua's talk, we heard there are more groups on the campus stirring up troubles against the Campus Bible Study during the Orientation week.

After all, the gospel still needs to be preached. Philippians 1:27-30 have been challenging verses for us, that suffering in this world is expected for those who preached His Word. We shall continue to pray for Phillip for his boldness to stand up and face the criticism, and continue to do God's will for him.