New Website for the University Churches

The University Churches, which is the new umbrella organisation for all the Anglican parish based churches on the UNSW campus, FOCUS included, is having their new website. Well, it is not really something new that replaces the old, but it is their first on-line presence since the new parish started early this year. It is a nice looking site done in Fireworks, even though it does not render properly on my favourite web browser. Content is a bit lacking, but hopefully we will see more stuff as the church grows. The site is also hosted on the MTS box using Pacific Internet's 1500/256kbps ADSL link.

It has a different colour theme as the Matthias website. In fact, it uses the same colour scheme as the Campus Bible Study website, i.e. navy blue plus yellow-ish orange. I am hoping to spend sometime on the FOCUS website as well to change it from the bright-yellow Matthias theme to the new University Churches theme. Well, I also need to re-edit some of the text to refer to University Churches as well, as many pages on FOCUS website still point to the Matthias.

  s/St\. Matthias/University Churches/g

I don't think it is going to be that simple.