Farewell, Deryck Howell

Deryck Howell

I read this on the Anglican Media News today.

New Archdeacon appointed for Anglican Church's South Sydney region - Bishop Robert Forsyth has announced that the Rev Deryck Howell is to be appointed as the new Archdeacon of the South Sydney region in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. Bishop Forsyth recommended Mr Howell for the position, with Archbishop Peter Jensen accepting his recommendation.

Basically, Deryck is leaving St. Matthias to become the new Archdeacon of the South Sydney region. For those in FOCUS, we would remember Deryck as the celebrant who chairs all the weddings in the St. Matthias. Well, at least he helped me and Vivian to get through our wedding - not just on the day but also a lot of preparation and quite a bit of follow up as well. He is very patient with people, and he always use deep and meaningful words in his prayers (i.e. some words that's out of my limited vocabulary). We are sure that he will continue to be serving and trusting the LORD in his new position.

All the best, Deryck!